Top tip for driving free traffic

There are so many free traffic generation strategies out there. I have personally used almost all my internet marketing career to find more lucrative ways to drive more traffic for free, but today I will give you my biggest tip for this.

The only thing you have to do, it doesn’t matter what traffic generation technique you use, is be consistent with it. If you write articles, just doing a few won’t help. You need to keep on churning them out day by day. Only then will you get huge amounts of traffic.

The same for all other traffic generation techniques, classifieds, videos, etc. You need to choose one and be consistent with it for some time. Only then will you know, if this technique is worth your time or not.

I have gotten a lot of good traffic just by listening to this one tip, so I suggest all of you who are also driving their traffic free, should try being consistent with your techniques and not jump around between them.

You know what they say: Jack of all trades, master of none…

I would say posting articles, work on blogs and forums, working on other social networks like facebook, linkedin, twitter are really worthily. Because in internet marketing you can not be static, you need to update yourself regularly then only you can make a good touch.
And there is nothing like a magic wand which can give you traffic by day or so, you need to build it, generate it, then only your traffic will be consistent & will grow.

Internet marketing requires constant update in order to be noticed.
You cannot afford to remain static. Google likes change as it indicates that site is being well looked after and useful to its readers/visitors.
Article posting and blog commenting is a sure method i use that has worked consistently for me

It sounds easy, but why I get little traffice from the above tipes?

That is sort of true once we are set knowing what works what doesnt. Every website wont work with same marketing approach.

Patience sure is key for success.

Or you could just find an unexplored niche with lots of searches monthly, this could be easier once you hit the page 1 in serps.

Here are some: blog comments, forum posting, submit to directories, link exchanges, article directories, social bookmarking, social media…these are not difficult…just time-consuming.

Thanks for the tip!You just confirmed what I have been thinking in my mind while reading tonsof material about best way to increase traffic…there is a lot of info out there, but you need to stick with one method for long and consistent time before seeing results. Jumping from one technique to another will only eat time and bring few results…