Top reason most newbies fail at online marketing?

One of the biggest reasons why folks fail to make any money online is because they run around in circles hunting down the latest shiny object rather than concentrating on just one or two methods and then becoming really proficient at them.

There are loads of methods to make money online, such as blogging, SEO, email marketing, article marketing etc and they all work. However they all require effort. Many newbies might go and write a couple articles, submit them to a couple of directories, make no money and then go around saying that internet marketing does not work.

The key is to decide on 1 area of IM that excites you the most and then become good at it because the more you love something, the much more likely you are to learn more and attain mastery over that topic.

This is what has worked for me. What do you guys think?

I would also suggest choosing the niche which is actually interesting for you to work in

Ways of promotion are a lot but which one is proper for your business ? Have you thought about it? SEO is good but it would take time to take effect so I would prefer PPC so quick targeted visitors.

[font=calibri]You’re right that a lot of people think they can get a quick win, and don’t have the patience or perseverance to see their work through to fruition. Too many people want shortcuts to success, and they don’t understand that in a marketplace with millions of websites competing, there are no shortcuts, and success is based on a mixture of merit and luck.

But a bigger problem is that people don’t start out with a viable business plan. It’s hard to make money online. If you’re selling physical products then that’s relatively easy, because everyone expects to have to pay for physical products, but you’re still up against global competition. If you’re selling services then there are people who won’t want to pay and will try to get the services free, because they don’t connect the cost of provision with the service provided … but at least you are offering people a tangible service (most of the time!). But if you’re providing information or building a community or any one of the other multitude of ways that people try to make money, you’re up against it, because there’s no easy way to monetise your visitors directly – very few sites can get away with charging their users for access.

Too many people think that the main thing they need to do is to get a popular website with lots of traffic, and then they will automatically be able to monetise it. And that just doesn’t work. You need to build a business case as an integral part of your website from the outset. If you don’t know how you’re going to make money, the chances are that you won’t. Sometimes advertising will be enough – but a lot of that will depend on how much time you have to put in and what your expectations are. I have a website that gets about 4000 visitors a day, and I make about £3000 (US$4800) a year from advertising … but I don’t run it as a business, I run it as a hobby site that as a bonus brings me a bit of extra pocket money, so that’s OK. But if you are relying on that income, then (a) that may not be enough money for the time you put into it, and (b) do you really want to be putting all your eggs into Google’s basket?[/font]

  1. Not gather enough knowledge about their desire subject.

i think this is the main reason

I think these are some reasons why most Newbies fail…

  1. Wasting time on multiple projects
  2. Mistaking learning for earning
  3. Think it’s about internet

I agree all above, you need to live for your online plan… when i wake you up 05:00 in the morning and i tell you to start working on your internet plan then your feeling has to say: “Yes! I want to build my online business”!
Build a brand and go for quality, go for the long term!

Some of the reason is lack of willingness to learn. If newbie is willing to learn, he will gain success. No to discourage on what mistakes happen. Then if you think that it is works for you then work for it diligently. All your comments are correct.

The learning curve for internet marketing is not as short as everyone expects it to be. It requires years of practice and taking the right action at the right time. Most internet marketers end up mastering all kinds of marketing before starting to earn real money online.

Like any field really, it requires someone who likes it!