Top Marketplace For Independent Design work

I am NY city, US based Freelance Design Consultant. From 5 years i have been successfully work with world wide Design professional . There has 2 types of marketplace now for designers, one is client depended and another is independent. when anyone want ant good suggestion from me about marketplace , then i I suggest everyone to work on independent market. But i just know about graphicrever, 99designs , and some others good website. I think there has more marketplace for design professional. So that i want to about those website where anyone submit there work independently & earn life time.

I know this sitepointforum is the best discussion forum for every work related professional, That;s why i want to get a good idea where anyone can work and earn lifetime. Please suggest me some very good place where anyone can work independently with his talent & earn life time money from there.

Thank you very much.

I’m quite interested in this as well as a content creator for some of the biggest blogs in Florida.

Will keep an eye out for replies to see if there are other great marketplaces for freelancers.

Thanks for asking @monicagcrase

You Are Welcome

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