Top inventions and Discoveries


What are the Top Inventions and Discoveries that changes the World ? and in future which new invention will change the course of history, well thats interesting to think. Can somebody share his/her thoughts on it ?




Future - I don't know, if I knew I would be rich. Present - The Blockchain technology, defiantly a revolution in the happening. Past - The Thong, best invention ever.


the invention of the value of 0 (zero) changed the world.
future techs like teleportation will help a lot


The internet, hands down. Both in the present and in the future.


Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. It will definetely change the history, and not that far from now. I am not speaking about rise of the machines, no. I am about the shift towards usage of AI in everyday life - machines can do any work better than human. And this fact may have unprecedent and unpredictable consequences.