Top 5 CMS that you must learn

  1. joomla
  2. drupal
  3. wordpress
  4. megento
  5. silver strip

Picking the “top 5 CMS systems” is liking picking your top 5 shirts or top 5 pairs of pants. There are too many out there and many of them are designed to fullfill a specific role. For instance, in higher ed I would learn Drupal, Wordpress, dotCMS, OmniUpdate, and maybe Joomla. For freelance work that list would change as would it if I was working for a fortune 500 company.

Start with the basics, learn the languages (PHP, CSS, etc) and getting into any CMS won’t be all that difficult.

WordPress, EE, ModX are definitely worth learning. I’m partial about drupal.

Joomla can die in a fire.

i think the only one the average web user needs is wordpress.

I would add vbulletin and oscommerce to your list. :slight_smile:

Wordpress. And I don’t need anything anymore. Used to work with etomite, cms made simple and others, but now I am migrating everything to WP.