Tooltip within a searchable table database - Help Needed

Hi All.
I have a searchable javascript table that I have almost got working how I need except one remaining problem. I need it to search full text in one column. The text in that particular column is a tooltip popup and it refuses to search the whole text in that column. It will only find the one word I have on the link which you hover on to bring the tooltip up.
I already have databases on the website and it does search the whole text but I have no idea which part of the javascript code makes full text tooltip searching work. I am changing from the old databases to this new one and would be grateful of any help you could give. (javescript is not a strong point of mine, they were scripts available on the internet).
I have uploaded the new database so you can see the problem at;
the problem column is the one called “Identifying”
the html/css and javascript are uploaded in one zip file in case anyone can help at;
the old databases which give me the full search are on the website. A sample URL is;
The new one is necessary as it gives me additional features. There are just too many problems with the old ones.