Tool to see all URLs of a Site?

I am working on cleaning up the URLs at my company. We have literally thousands of URLs out there. Is there a tool that will show all of them? Yahoo Site Explorer only shows 1k but I would like to have a gigantic list.

It’s been a while since I’ve use link sleuth, but I seem to remember it reporting all links, not just 404s.

+1 for Xenu Link-sleuth.

I wish there was a Mac version :frowning:

just to see all the links you can run Wget utility and see its log. However I still think you might be rather interested if finding broken links and for that you can use [URL=“”] The latter will show you the link right in you HTML!

I agree. That program is ideal for anything involving all the URLs on a site.

Xenu is the most efficient tool available for this operation. If you only want to have a list of all the URLs of your site then use