Tool that reveals reciprocal links?

Is there a tool out there that reveals reciprocal links? By this I mean that you type in a single site name, and then it comes back with all the sites that it links to AND that also link back to it.

The only tools I’ve come across so far require that you enter a site name, and then a list of all the OTHER sites that you want to check are still linking to you.

I only wish to enter one site name.

If anybody needs any more clarification, please let me know.

Thanks again, but that tool requires me to enter both the site in question, PLUS all the other reciprocal.

I’m looking for a tool that only needs me to enter a single site name, and then it will do what I explained previously.

Something like this? Free Reciprocal Link Checking Tool

Thanks for the reply.

Using various tools I can find what many sites link to an individual site (, but I also want to know which of those sites are also have a link on

So, if has a link to and has a link to

but only has a link to then
entering into this tool would only return the result

Hope that clears it up a bit more.

Well, I sure do need more clarification. But what happened with writing links:narmeofsite on the SE?

A lot of the mentioned tools have lagged or incomplete information and aren’t very reliable to my experience.

Hmmm… any webservices I know will ask you to target certain webs. Basically, if they didn’t the amount of request that they would have to do could be too high. Even more if your site is too big and you’re trying to figure out all the backlinks to every single page.

Maybe a desktop software such as Data Doctor Backlink Checker could the trick (don’t know because I never used it myself but I do know that they have a demo version)

Xenu gives information about broken links not about reciprocal links.

I have found Xenu Link Sleuth very useful