Too many internal links bad?


I’ve noticed that search traffic to my blog ( ) has been steadily dropping over the last few months. I’ve added more pages and some SEO tools tell me I have too many internal links.

Is this likely the reason for the drop? Every time I add a link it goes into the <nav> element adding to the number of internal links. Would categorising the sections on their own pages help?

I’m not even sure this is the reason for the steady drop in traffic but it’s a common thing SEO analysis tools pick up on.


I dont have a specific answer but I did notice your “Latest Updates” go all the way back to
2012. You could put everything older than, say, a year on a “past updates” page with a link to “Older Updates” at the bottom of “Latest Updates”. You also have duplicate “Latest Updates” on the same page under “About the Author”. Updates have nothing to do with “About the author”. Even the “Articles” links are duplicated on the page. I counted 150 links on the main page, many of them duplicates.

I would say experiment with getting rid of the duplicates and moving the older updates off the main page and then resubmit your site to google and see what happens.


I’ve never heard of “too many internal links” being a problem. I thought having internal links was a good thing.

I’m guessing what is meant is “too many internal links in upper level navigation”. i.e. instead of making navigation easier the trees get lost in the forest.


No you can add internal links many times, but it should look natural and the user experience should also be kept in mind while internal linking


Could you supply details of the relevant tools because I would like to test some pages that have a couple of thousand links.

Google and Bing Webmaster Tools has not reported negatively on the pages that have an abundance of links?


Think about Wikipedia guys. How many internal links an average Wikipedia article has and it doesn’t affect.
The drop in our website’s traffic might be due to other reasons. It will be better checking out Analytics data if you are using it.

You will need to consider the metrics like the sources of traffic, average pages per session, bounce rate etc.