Toilet usability

I’ve created a poll to highlight usability problems with our toilet flusher here in the office. Your input would be appreciated :slight_smile:


We don’t usually get requests for physical none web related usability polls but it was interesting nonetheless.

what a load of crap


It’s the pointless things in life that make it worth living :wink:

I love it. Made me smile.

hahaha this really made my day :smiley:

Just checked the website in the link & found that i have to go through a survey
(believe me i closed it at the very moment i saw the work ‘SURVEY’, i hate that word) to provide input…

I love it. Made me smile.

ha ha, same here & that’s what made me curious to click on the link he provided!

Maybe he’s making a thesis for toilet usability. Nice topic eh :stuck_out_tongue:

It should be obvious… but then, I usually press the wrong button on the copier as well (to get lighter/darker copies) :shifty:

It should be obvious, but I typically mash my paw over both buttons when I use those kind of toilets.