Toggle visibility after a link is followed

Hi there! I would REALLY appreciate any help!

I’ve got a script that toggles the visibility of a div on “dashboard.html”:


        $("#add_networks_wrapper, .remove_box").hide();
	$("#add_networks_wrapper, .remove_box").slideToggle();


On “dashboard.html” it works great. The div “add_networks_wrapper” is hidden until I click the link that toggles it.

What I need is a link from a different html page (say “account.html” or whatever) to open “dashboard.html” with the hidden div’s visible.

Any help would be very appreciated!

An idea:

What if I had a link like "dashboard.html/user?trigger=true

Can I use jQuery to look for the “trigger” element, and if the trigger is true in the address bar activate the script?

Yes that’s one way of doing it.

But if you only need a “toggle” flag in the url’s query string it might be easier to just have a single value in the ur’s query string and then check if that value is there when the page loads.

Something like this:

In account.htm have a link with a href of dashboard.htm?trigger

Then in dashboard.html check if the string “trigger” is in the url’s query string and then act accordingly

<script type="text/javascript">

    if( == 'trigger') {
          // do this
    } else {
          //do that


Having just a single value saves you having to parse the query string.