Toggle All Open / Closed: with toggles opened and closed on load

I am not a js developer. Using js libraries, and a slowing increasing understanding I have created a number of “toggles” for clients. I am stumped on this one. The client wants a number of toggles on a page. Some of them will be open by default when the page loads and some of them will be closed. I can do this. Then there will be a “meta-toggle” at the top of the page which will allow the user to toggle all the toggles into an open or a closed position. I have used “accordion toggle” to create a page with a number of toggles which are all closed by default when the page loads – and the html page has a meta-toggle at top to open and close all the previously closed (or then opened) toggles – but the open and closed default on load with a meta-toggle has me completely stumped. Can anyone help???


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Probably. We would need to see some HTML and JS first, though.
If possible, please use this template to make a short example that reproduces your issue.