Today I turn 50!

:eek: Today I turn 50 years old! I can’t believe it.
What should I do with the rest of my life? :goof:

Happy birthday !
Enjoy the rest of your life and do what you llike to do.

I am 37years old,even my hair is a bit white,sigh…

Help living the poor people.

Happy birthday! It doesn’t matter. Age is just a number. The most important things are happy and healthy.

Wow, I just saw this thread… congrats Another Designer, now you’re over the hill shall we take you to the nursing home? :smiley:

Thanks everyone. :slight_smile: Alex a nursing home? I will only complain. Then they will kick me out! LOL

Happy Birthday! Half way through!=)))

Happy Birthday mate! be glad that you made it to 50 and if you haven’t already done so, perhaps start giving a little bit back. Doesn’t have to be money, advice is way more important than money and I am sure with your 50 years of wisdom you have some good pointers for younger generations.

Just be true to yourself!

You’ve been alive for half a century!? Happy birthday!

You will never catch up with me :D:D:D Enjoy.

Prepare for the next 50 years, of course.

Very happy birthday! I’m sorry to be late. I hope that you had a great day and a great time :slight_smile:

Happy birthday! today I turn 23… almost halfway

I’m sorry… I mean… Happy Birthday! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is scary. Most of us are way under 50, you’re supposed to teach us something, not request for advice :stuck_out_tongue:

But here’s something I will be telling myself when I get there:

Do what you haven’t yet done in the past 50.

Thanks everyone.

Congratulations and Happy Birthday ! It’s a litle scary 30, 40, 50…Next ? The wisdom !



Happy birthday!

What should I do with the rest of my life?

Enjoy it :smiley:

Congratulations :Partier:

As for what to do with the rest of your life, how about sit back and relax a bit more? :slight_smile: