Today date or already selected date on previous input cant able to select


I am using Daterangepicker for our application.

Creating multitrip date picker component (3 input fields)

TripOne - Select date (Ex: 19th Feb)
TripTwo - Have to start from ‘TripOne’ selected date.
TripThree - Have to start from ‘TripTwo’ selected date.
Above things are working fine. But, below issue not working on this plugin.

TripOne - Select Today date (Not working)
TripTwo - If Feb 20th selected on TripOne, i cant able to select same Feb 20th on TripTwo.
TripThree - Similar to TripTwo.
Please need some one guidance or help to solve this issue ASAP.


I change the follwoing property to true and I think that its working:

"autoUpdateInput": true,

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