To work with child theme, which one is better: CSS or JavaScript?

I have created a child theme for a blog to style it further. I know I can use CSS or Javas script but I am confusing which one is the better for Kadence theme.

It sounds like you’re trying to make a WordPress child theme. To make a WordPress child theme, you will at minimum need to use some CSS and some PHP, but you might need JavaScript too (depending on exactly what you’re trying to do with the child theme). You can find a general walkthrough here:

Very generally speaking:

  • HTML structures web pages
  • CSS styles web pages
  • JavaScript adds interactivity to webpages
  • PHP interacts with the server

That said, is making a child theme the best route for your project? If you’re not particularly familiar with PHP, working with WordPress is a pain in the keister and doing a whole child theme isn’t really what I’d recommend for someone’s first project in CSS. You can make minor changes to the CSS of an installed theme in WordPress in the WordPress admin by going to Appearance → Customize → Additional CSS.

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I am not sure to understand your questions but If you use a child theme, you can code in CSS in appearance>>Customize CSS

If your parent theme is Kadence, you don’t have to code in javascript it’s already coded.

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