To open .psd (photoshop document) file in a popup window

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Can anybody please tell me, how to open .psd( Photoshop Document ) file in a popup window in php, not in Photoshop software.
I want .psd ( Photoshop Document ) file should be open in a popup window , not in Photoshop software.
I have a link of .psd file in php that would be open in a popup window. And also, no dialog box should be open while opening .psd file in a popup window.

Same case with opening .doc ( ms-word ) file in a popup window.

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Harish Pathak

It’s not possible, browsers cannot open Photoshop documents. Same with .doc but as far as I know IE could do that by embedding MS Word in the browser window if it’s installed - however, I’m not sure if this works on current IE versions, even if it does I wouldn’t rely on this feature to be available to most people.

You could try using PHP to convert .psd to .jpg or .png with ImageMagick and displaying it in the browser. However, this will work only for .psd files saved with compatibility option.

In other words - internet browser is not Photoshop and cannot open Photoshop files. You would need to install a Photoshop plugin in your browser, however, I don’t know if it even exists.

Open the file in Photoshop. Click File > Save for web

That isn’t completely true considering google drive is able to display psd files in the browser. That said not a project/task I would take on myself.

Well, this is true - but given enough time and determination one could write a php script that will open just about any format in the browser.

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Apparently you can use Imagick to process PSD files.

PHP ref: