To-Do-List review

Three years ago I almost never touched modern web development. Just Drupal, WordPress and some old fashion html table layout. So my experience was limited. I had a vision to create a website interacting with Postgresql. So I started this journey with no or minimal luggage.

There are many ways to skin a cat (Mark Twain). That was amongst the hardest challenges to select amongst about a hundred tools and hundreds of ways to do the same thing. You have to master several tools and how they interact with each other. And create a VPS environment for hosting and managing things.

I did choose Go as the foundation that is not a common web tool despite about 2 million developers. I was familiar with Postgresql, but had no idea how to interact using a web browser. Another decision was to create a REST API in between the browser and the database. So far I am happy with my choices.

I put all things together in a simple draft of a To-Do-List.

How do the UX work for you?
Overall impressions?
Any comments and feedback are very welcome.