To Celebrate That Cup, We're Letting the Game Dictate the Price!

In a few days, we’re giving away one of our most popular books. Which book will it be? Only time will tell.

Check out the details here:

To celebrate This Cup (which has nothing to do with “that” Cup that’s being played in South Africa at the moment), we’re having a HUGE digital book sale.

There are massive discounts up for grabs, (save 30% right now!) and there’s a FREE best selling book at the end that you don’t want to miss…

If you’re considering adding a SitePoint digital book to your library, now’s the time to act.

When can we expect the prices to update?

The graphic says that jQuery has won the final and is free, but when I click on Buy Me Now it’s trying to charge me $19.95.



Apparently he has had ‘death threats’ against him from some disgruntled fans. I suppose either-way it will still be a good addition to the book collection.

Uh oh, that was a different psychic octopus!

The one who’s always correct says Spain beats NL : (

Looks like jQuery book will be the free book.

No way, Paul the psychic octopus has predicted NL wins!

(just google it)

I took a double take looking at the date.
Predicting this matchup…
Spain’s gonna run miles around the Dutch.

Well, there went LLoyd’s book. I expect jNinja to vanish tomorrow : )

It’s a great idea. When is the deadline?

Been and gone.

Unfortunately, you missed it.

Hi very useful info and great idea. I’m reading other users reviews as well.

Hm, too bad Build Your Own Web Site the Right Way will vanish tomorrow : ) One of the most useful introductions to front-end coding out there.

Yes, and you can’t win it by falling over the most.

Love this idea though, I finally have a reason to care who wins…

A cup called Stanley. : )

Yes, it’s a great idea :slight_smile:
Too bad I already have the book of the winning team :smiley:

Why, they actually give a cup for playing hockey?

Great idea this contest. Very creative.

Shame that I have all the ebooks that are on sale now!

Viva the…

Jquery Book??

What’s the learning curve for Jquery? I only know a few javascript methods

Yeah Stomme, ours seems to be doing rather well. At least according to the unbearable screaming from outside my home office.

I have to say I really like the idea and the prices are great. Good one!

My team’s still in!!! Whoooooooooo

I don’t know about lunchwafel
but a stroopwafel will knock
the fillings right out of your teeth…eheh

It’s like a luchtwaffel, which is an edible German flying saucer, except better suited to coffee. Certainly not football. Or sitepoint books.

*edit stroomwaffel… sounds interesting. An electric waffle?