Title Tag of My Site Problem not Showing up Properly

Hello All,

I have set my Store’s Title tag to be “Shop Men’s clothes, shorts, pants, shirts and more at PUDU Mens Clothing”

When I check the View Source, it ends up showing like this - <title>Mens's Fashion & Clothing - Pudu Mens Clothing Australia</title>

Why does this happen?

I have seen most other sites perfectly displaying “'” and ‘&’ symbols in their Titles.


The important thing is what appears in the browser, and the title is showing fine. Those symbols are encodings for the apostrophe and ampersand, and tend to be more reliable than just the symbols themselves.

I checked in Firefox and it shows up fine. I wanted to clarify it it is misinterpreted by Search Engines in any way.

No, it will show fine there. It’s probably more reliable to have them encoded like that.

Google Somethig like Allen & Unwin. You’ll see the & in the Google search result, but if you view source, the & is encoded.