Title Attribute and Menu Label


I the All in one SEO plugin there is the option of Title Attribute and Menu Label…

Can someone explain what this means?

What I understand from this site http://onefinejay.com/2009/07/23/menu-label-new-feature-for-aioseop

Is that the Menu label gives you how the page is linked, so you add your page to a site and it and it links with those words as described… the title attribute is like a pop up thing with a short description of what you entered…

Now when I add text into the menu label, my navigation bar changes to what I have entered affecting my drop down menu…

What am I doing wrong??



Title attribute generally include the relevant keywords.

I don’t have idea which version of All in SEo you are talking about.because I can’t see any option of Title Attribute and Menu Label.please clarify the problem.see below screenshot

Version 1.6.10