'Tis the season

I confess. I’m unusually apt to simply deleting any email with FW: at the beginning of the subject.
This came from a person who knows this, so I checked it out.
It’s actually funny. Aside from it being a pic.

:lol: I can’t stand FW’s either BLZ and I instantly delete them, I’m even irritated if I have a “funny video” to watch or “listen to this new cool song” - that bugs me too - now I see what I’m missing out on :shifty: Who’s this Dr. Phil anyway, sounds like a genius :scratch:

Dr Phil is a TV psychologist(?) that was originally discovered by Oprah but now has his own show.

He’s lauded for straight-shooting and down home style wisdom.

Well, I say that you have a piece of great advice there… are you going to do the same? :lol:

I don’t have the talents or drive to be a TV psycho-vangelist.

I’m more of an inner rage rather than peace kinda guy I guess.