Tips to increases crawl rate

I use 2 (that have already been mentioned) and it’s all I need:

  1. Ping (sometimes)
  2. Backlinks

There’s nothing magical about it - the more entry points (backlinks) there is to a page on the web the more chance there is of anyone (Google et al included) finding your site.

spot on, thanks for rebrushing the facts :slight_smile:

Check if your blog is listed in, if not, add your blog URL or feed to

Can any one tell me what is SEO. What are the steps to follow to my site.

You should read this thread:

Thanks you very much. It really nice and useful

Very useful post. I will implement it for my site.

And I also prefer pinging for increasing the crawl rate. What do you guys think?

Great tips, though some people are just too lazy and don’t like to read so they end up asking the same question over and over again,… lol

Your crawl rate can be placed on steroids if you place relevant links to your site. These links should come from good web2.0 sites like digg, propeller, etc. By placing a link on those sites, Google can crawl through those links and to your site.

You can set the crawl frequency in Google Webmaster Tools

You said to set the frequency. But how to find the best crawl rate.

This is definitely one excellent guide for a newbie like myself. I think there’s everything you need to know to increase crawl rate. Going to try it out :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info guys. Really appreciate it.

Thanks for the info. I am regularly doing #1, will be doing the rest of the tips but this “google webmaster tools” seems to require a lot of time and effort, duh…

Well. It is an ecommerce website. Only when the new products are coming, we could update it.

yes you can set crawl rate or increase it by regular update or postings in ur site or blog…

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Very helpful information.Thanks for posting.

Hey thnkz dude for sharing such nice steps.

only the main thing is …how quick you update the content of your site…quick u update …quicker will be crawling …

I have directly observed that the less time it takes googlebot to download pages on average, the more pages googlebot will crawl. Streamlining server scripts such that pages are generated faster and streamlining the generated HTML can greatly reduce the time it takes for pages to download. This is not only good for getting googlebot to crawl more pages, but it is also good for the user.