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I have notices that most of the SEO’s, blogger and webmaster were asking the question about how to increase the crawl rate of the site. So here we discuss about each and every point to increase the crawl rate. Some of the major points as best of my knowledge are mention below:-

  1. Update your content often and regularly (and ping Google once you do) – well, an obvious one, so not much to describe here; in a word, try to add new unique content as often as you can afford and do it regularly (3 times a week can be the best solution if you can’t update your site daily and are looking for the optimal update rate).
  2. Make sure your server works correctly: mind the uptime and Google Webmaster tools reports of the unreached pages. Two tools I can recommend here are Pingdom and
  3. Mind your page load time: note that the crawl works on a budget – if it spends too much time crawling your huge images or PDFs, there will be no time left to visit your other pages.
  4. Check the site internal link structure: make sure there is no duplicate content returned via different URLs: again, the more time the crawler spends figuring your duplicate content, the fewer useful and unique pages it will manage to visit.
  5. Get more back links from regularly crawled sites.
  6. Adjust the crawl speed via Google Webmaster tools.
  7. Add a sitemap (though it’s up for a debate whether the sitemap can help with crawling and indexing issues, many webmasters report they have seen increased crawl rate after adding it).
  8. Make sure your server returns the correct header response. Does it handle your error pages properly? Don’t make the bot figure out what has happened: explain it clearly.
  9. Make sure you have unique title and meta tags for each of your pages.
  10. Monitor Google crawl rate for your site and see what works and what not.

If you have some more points in your mind plz share.
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Great tips. I would look carefully also on the site map. Many people from what I have seen deploy a not optimized site map and there fore google doesn’t crawl all their pages

First Of all U have to registered in GOOGLE WEBMASTERS then u can put its code to your website then u can crawl ur website as good as others because WEBMASTERS is crawling ur website’s all page so just register in there.

This is a great list. I think #1 nails it - as long as you are putting quality content on the site regularly, it will attract traffic and the trust/popularity will rise, which will bring the crawlers more often.

<rant> Uptime, Load time, and Error checking - THANK YOU! So many people take this for granted, but you have no idea how much downtime some reputable hosts can have. So many people don’t check how fast a page loads or whether there are any errors on their sites. It’s such a simple thing to check! Scripts break, files get bloated. A well tuned site will perform much better for both people and crawlers. </rant>

If I were to prioritize your list, site maps and adding a site to Google webmaster tools seem to be the single biggest factors for us to increase crawl rates, then content, then back links. After that, the quality aspects are huge to keep them coming.

Outstanding list. I’m interested in what others think.

consider the following

  1. Google search engine always like old domain with new contents
  2. Launch your website’s sitemap into your site and submit it to search engines
  3. Configure the robots.txt files correctly.
    allowing all robots will eat your bandwidth unnecessarily

In SEO, building links to the website is a more important aspect. Don’t spamming while building links to your website.
To get avoid from link spamming, will help you to keep all the records related to the link building activity. It also guide you to do the proper SEO.

I do agree with your posts guys, but always remember this: the more backlinks you have, more frequent visit you will get from googlebot and crawlers.

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yes varul you are right, google value old domains and fresh unique content

This may seem to be very interesting but I have a question guys! What if your website has not updated his content will he ignored by Google? Thanks.

This is truly helpful… and a great list to implement thank you for taking the time to post.

Strongly agree.
Update the content very important!

  1. Adjust the crawl speed via Google Webmaster tools.
    How to do it?

10 Ways to Increase Your Site Crawl Rate:

1.Update your content often and regularly
2.Make sure your server works correctly
3.Mind your page load time
4.Check the site internal link structure
5.Get more back links from regularly crawled sites
6.Adjust the crawl speed via Google Webmaster tools
7.Add a sitemap
8.Make sure your server returns the correct header response
9.Make sure you have unique title and meta tags for each of your pages
10.Monitor Google crawl rate for your site and see what works and what not

Whether sitemap is such an important one.

Our website is regularly crawled by google. With the sitemap in place, it has indexed only one page - may be the home page. I don’t know why.

Well all is necessary to increase crawl rate but the most important thing is updating your blog or site frequently with unique and fresh content, if you do this your blog or site may have a chance to immediately crawled after updating it.


how to do the #5 (5. Get more back links from regularly crawled sites.)?

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Thanks for the list I look forward on it.

Really helpful tips…thanks for sharing

The best tip to increase your crawl rate is to get a higher PR.

The higher your pagerank, the more google will crawl your site. Im sure all those tips help, we should do all we can to get the spiders coming over more frequently.

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