Tips to get traffic on a blog

Sure, if your posts are interesting and useful, you will not need to do anything else. Word will spread by itself.

That’s the ideal situation, fact is, most blogs (and most sites in general) are
incredibly not interesting and not useful. That’s why most SEOs have to
BUY links for their clients.

Like, how many of us enter Essay Contests? Prescious few, because our writing
skills are weak as ****. On top of that, many webmasters are not native English
speakers so they are at a huge disadvantage.

And to top it all off, the creativity to CONSTANTLY write interesting text and
to come up with MORE useful content is more a gift than inborn attribute.

Bottom line is that “write useful or interesting content” is useless advice. You
might as well suggest that we all climb Mt Everest barefooted.



I collected some usefull links for free submission of website, on my blogsite not linkfarm LOL

Yeah. you are right. Mean time you can share your blog link on social networking site to get more exposure of your link.

first of all you have to do link building(Blog Creation,Article creation,forums discussions and press release) then you can get more n more traffic to your blog

hubpages and squidoo lens are two best places to find easily good quality backlinks to worth your home page…

I’m getting a good traffic by doing off page optimization. SMO really helps like participating in social bookmaking sites and handling your twitter accounts.

I wish people would qualify their acronyms so people like me can continue doing research.

These certainly are good ways to make your site be seen and indexed by search engines.

Yes, it is.

i am trying to traffic from facebook fan page, social bookmarking…still now, effective, but the key , the content of your website, still google is mostly key for me , for traffic


Well i focus yahoo answers, facebook groups, twitter, social bookmarking for maximun traffic.

The main thing to concentrate on blog writing is its content. We have to add keyword rich content. The content must be fresh and unique. It is also written in an attractive style. Add tags to your blog posts. Also submit your blogs to blog directories.

Join some social networking and bookmarking sites like eZdia which helps you to get some good and decent traffic to your blog

article marketing, directory submission, forum posting, commenting on other blogs, press releases, link exchange and social bookmarking.

use squidoo too.

I know people will say “but it’s not your site” …but

Goole seems to LOVE their Blogspot service and ranks
the blogs very well.

Not to brag, but I’m #1 for my most important keyword
and in the top 3 for the next 5 most important with Google.

link baits are still doing a great job in giving traffic, depending on your niche, you can do different link baits… freebies and contests are some…

Yeah good content is the most important!

Nice tips…I have a blog related to cooking will use these tips

Provide an incentive for visitors to come back again and again to your blog or site, don’t forget to add tell a friend script.

To write original articles and submit to article directories,The article by adding links to your blog,This is a good way to increase traffic to your blog