Tips on driving traffic to arcades?

hey guys!
i am a newbie to this website thing, I have made many websites till date but those were all just for killing time, and practicing.
But now as I am moving onto serious projects I am coming to terms like SEo and backlinks.
I have an idea on those but I would still like some tips on how I could drive traffic towards my arcade sites?
As of now I am using wordpress as a cms and hosting my own games on it.
I have used facebook ads and although they gave a peak in my traffic, it only lasted 2 days before I had to close them down due to high costs. Also they were really giving me the targeted visitors, but instead random people who were there just for 1 minute or so.
I would like get some tips on how i could get traffic through organic search and how i could increase the backlinks to my website?

Thanks guys!

To drive more traffic connect your blog RSS feed with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ at minimum so each time you publish new content to your blog, your posts are automatically shared with your social networks. Also, don’t forget to bookmark your posts on popular social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and Digg to create additional site mentions, citations, and back-links.

If you haven’t already read it, I’d suggest you download Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, which is full of useful information.

Not much helpful, i have already read it and they have just provided the basics of the SEO, Exacting SEO Tips from Google is like asking security guard how to rob in the house.

Indeed - and I was recommending it to Gameqik who seems to be asking about the basics of SEO. It also explains those basics clearly and concisely, and as the advice comes straight for Google, it can be regarded as completely reliable. SEO advice found on forums and blogs is often quite unreliable.

Not at all - unless by “SEO tips” you really mean ways of gaming the system and manipulating results? If you are looking to promote your site in an ethical way, which will have lasting result - not just a quick boost followed by a sudden crash - then the best way is to abide by the guidelines.

You want Google to rank your site high in the SERPs. Google produces guidelines explaining which techniques it approves of and which techniques are likely to result in a penalty. Why would you not follow their guidelines in order to be ranked on their search engine?