Tips on designing a large dashboard with many options and settings

I’ve been tasked with creating a SPA dashboard that’ll be a using React (w/ hooks), MaterialUI and GraphQL (probably Apollo) and was wondering if anyone had any tips for me.

I’ve toyed around with experimental versions making settings pages and am questioning how I should structure the project, how to deal with tens of options on pages nested many levels deep.

Should I be creating wrappers that generate the inputs/forms (pros: consistency, bundle size(?) - cons: more limiting, less customisation) from a predefined schema or should I manually create each input (pros: very flexible - cons: less consistency, a lot of repetition)

I would love to hear from anyone who has experience in creating these kind of products, what obstacles you ran into, how you solved them. I would also love if anybody knew of any large open-source projects that I could check out and take inspiration from.


issues solved!!

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