Tips for starting a new website

It will take 3 to 6 months to get the content ready so should I purchase a domain name now and stick a page up just to get it indexed or should I wait and launch the whole site when it’s finished?

Get the domain name now especially. I’d also stick up a page too.

Get your domain and create a intro page for your website and get the domain.

Get the domain name now and add the content as you get it as everyone above has said. As you know search engines can take a very long time to index a website.

Yah…Get the domain name now…

Yeah, get your domain name. Otherwise someone might grab it while you’re working on your page and the next thing you know you sign up and then you get that dreaded message of ‘domain unavailable’. Use a splash page with a coming soon message too.

  1. Get the domain name.
  2. install the platform (assume it’s an article site, would go for wordpress)
  3. start adding content. Weekly, daily, don’t know. Hire some content writers. You can get some decent articles for good money, it would be good to kick-start it.
  4. begin promotion as soon as you have 5-10 articles in place. Work on a theme design and also start commenting on similar sites, do forum posting etc. Don’t wait for months, start doing little each day.

As others have mentioned you must buy the domain straight away then get it live by using something like wordpress to get the site indexed this in turn will get it initially indexed in all the major search engines till you are ready to get the real site uploaded.

Buy the domain now, good to get a head start. Google likes older domains.