Tips for scheduling work with consultants

Hi all!

I wanted to ask this time for advice and thoughts when planning work having consultants in mind to achieve a deliverable.

How do you guys deal with turnaround time specifically?

I have happened to find consultants that have their schedules full for months! and that is totally unacceptable for the turnaround that I would like to meet.

Please feel free to share your experiences and , if in any case, resources to get really good at this.

Many thanks

I worked with a programmer and SEO guy because those are skillsets I don’t have. I assume that’s what you mean when you say “consultants.”

The simple solution is to find people who are not so incredibly busy that they can work with you in a timely manner. Just because their not booked for months in advance doesn’t mean they’re not good at what they do.

What if the work is new to us but is doable, any advice for planning the turnaround? other than trial and error, if it’s not the only way.

Many thanks for your advice.

I would say that if you think it is doable is because you already know which skills are required for the job. If you don’t know, then you have a very good approximation.

That means that you will be able to write a good specification of what is needed and talk to your regular programmer about it. He will also be able to do a good approximation about how long it will take. Then, schedule 2-3 more weeks just in case things go wrong.

If you don’t have a programmer, you still need a good specification of the new job so you can go hunting and searching for someone appropriate. Try to look for someone that has done a similar job and, of course, investigate him. Not only his reputation but do a deep investigation so you know that his legit and reliable. And it is a way to minize your risk, although it will still be there.

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