Tips for polishing up writing and website content

I have found that when I am writing a large amount of content for clients in a short time period, the occasional typo or grammatical error can slip into my drafts. As well, occasional word repetition and unnecessary verbosity can creep in when you are trying to reach a word count. I have come up with a few strategies to help with these problems, and was wondering if anyone else had some techniques that they would be willing to share.

  1. Print the content to get a new perspective

I find that printing off content allows me to look at it in a whole new light- mistakes that I would never have noticed otherwise tend to jump out at me. There is something about a computer screen that can cause you to gloss over your writing and miss obvious, simple mistakes.

  1. Read your writing out loud

Reading out loud is the best way to judge if your content flows. It can be the difference between clunky, awkward writing which can cause a visitor to leave, and elegant writing which will entice your visitors to return. Reading your writing out loud can help you judge the problem areas in your writing, allowing you to focus on what needs to be fixed.

  1. Use a spellchecking tool

Although many word editing programs come with spellcheck, I often find that they are not enough. Sometimes, your eyes will miss what a computer program is able to pick up. While both eyes and computers are not infallible, when used together you can be quite certain that your finished writing is error free.

  1. Keep readers interested

Nothing is worse than boring content, and a style I have picked up to keep readers interested is to separate my writing into a list format, or to add headlines between sections. Worked here, didn’t it? :wink:

I look forward to reading other article writing tips from other freelance content writers and website owners who have struggled with the same issues as me!

These are actually quite good techniques for writing, to avoid errors. I write articles too for my client and I just started recently, do you have any advice for keywords? He always ask me to involve many keywords as possible and I can’t quite get my hands to it.

Hey keyword density does not have to impact readability and clarity- you just need to vary the way you use your keywords. For example, if your keyword was “best tablets for kids”, don’t use the same boring format for each sentence.

Example of what NOT to do: The best tablets for kids for kids are durable. The best tablets for kids are cheap.

You want to vary it up-

Price is certainly a factor, but the best tablets for kids do not have to cost an arm and a leg.
The best tablets for kids who are budding young photographers will include a camera and the memory to be able to store all of your child’s creations.

You need to find ways for your writing to be able to flow with the keywords included, and that can take creativity. Can you give me an example of a keyword you are struggling with and we can workshop it?

Well the tips given by you are really helpful but I think that it is important to keep yourself update by having a reading habit because many times when I have to write more than one article which revolve around one idea then I face the problem of writing unique and impressive content.By having a reading habit I can get more and more content for my articles.

Well, I do completely agree with Jenniferp. as the same thing happens with me. Yes, constant reading helps
widen your vocabulary and also your writing styles. BTW thanks for sharing the tips by Freelancewriter for sharing these valuable points that you have outlined here above:D


Well that’s something that I can work on if you put it that way. Thanks for the help!

I guess I’m just struggling about article writing because now, with SEO, articles must be done carefully for optimization and keywords play a big part on that. Most of the articles I’m writing is about government cellphones. Like you said I need to learn more on how to play with my keywords. I understand that keywords placement matters best by writing a variety of it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Ah, see I thought you meant you were having trouble putting keywords in a single article, not having trouble with many articles with the same keyword.

How many articles do they want? If I have to do 5 on the same subject, for instance, I plan it all out first on a sheet of paper- 2 general articles, and then 3 on specifics. So I would write 2 general articles on government cellphones, and then maybe one on “texting”, one on “reliability and signal strength” and then one on “durability”. If I have to do more than 5 articles on the same subject, I usually work with a co-writer to help me come up with new ideas.

Sorry to confuse you though. It’s just that I’m writing about the same thing over and over again and I don’t want to sound all the same to each article. I work alone, and I’m writing about free government cell phone service for each state that are qualified for it. Well you actually have great ideas for me to start over again. Perhaps I just need new approaches to deal with the same topic, I mean not to bore myself, client and his readers. Appreciate the help.

Thanks for the tips - I really like the idea of printing the content out and then reviewing it - will try that out at some point!

That’s what I do for my term papers :wink:

It works really well, but it is time consuming, so for lots of content writers getting paid a slave wage, it really is not worth the time. But for higher paid projects where you are building your portfolio and need things to be perfect, I love the ability to print out work and read it out loud. When I work solely on a computer, the creative part of my brain seems to disengage, and when I hold the words in front of me on a sheet of paper it turns right back on.

I think formatting your article also provide a way to polish your content before making it live on web. Make your content with headings, subheadings, bullets and make paragraphs smaller, crisp and covering entire smaller topic in it.

hehe - for term papers - have forgotten what those were like! I actually did try it out for a short piece that I needed to come out really well - it works! :slight_smile: You’re right though - it’s kind of tedious!

I think getting someone else to read what you wrote is worth more than you reading your own writing fifty times. They’re likely to catch things you overlook frequently.

Also, I think with web content, it’s generally better to be short and sweet. Every extraneous word you can remove will help you make your point clearer to the reader (assuming you aren’t removing grammatically necessary words =p).

This writer speaks the truth! We can even sometimes form an emotional attachment to our (not so good) work that prevents us from improving and developing our writing. If you can find someone brutally honest to review your work, you can identify the problem areas where your writing needs to be changed.

And yes, short and sweet is the name of the game for content- people browsing the internet have a notoriously short attention span.