Tips for basic Dreamweaver

I have just started using dreamweaver, any tips before i begin ?

Hi rmcer2. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

It’s better to ask specific questions here. This is a bit too open-ended. At least give some information on what skills you have. If you know anything about HTML/CSS etc., the first and best advice anyone can give is to open code view and never be temped to use the Design View / WYSIWYG editor. (It is a wide open door, with a sign above it reading ENTER HERE TO ENSURE YOU WILL NEVER BE A PROPER WEB DESIGNER! … so don’t go through it!)

Yep, just like ralph said, you’ll need to be a bit more specific in what you want to learn.

I did find a Dreamweaver intro series on YouTube that seems really helpful: (The first video in the series).

I did see he does do a table based layout in a video, which is a huge pet peeve of mine.

Indeed, although in the CS5 series it appears he uses div-based layouts.

:rofl: Perfect.

Like everyone was saying, I’ll take code over a WYSIWYG editor any day - they just don’t work (well).

Have you read the help manual that Adobe provides for every one of their products? It’s a tedious read, but very informative.



WYSIWYG editors aren’t bad. They have good code indentors.

The Design view is such a tease and if it actually had a MODERN ENGINE IN IT, it wouldn’t be bad. People just take that design view to oseriously.

i started a web design class recently, the guy uses the Design view in teaching us. I use notepad most of the time and anytime i wana use dreamweaver, i use the Code View. The class ends on the 6th of this month. I get discouraged each time i need to go to class. Any advice 6n this??

Grit your teeth, smile, and git that lil ol’ piece o’ paper. :slight_smile:

Tank it out. Or just do something else while your in it…like talking to us! Or making a website, doing other homework, etc. From my experience, the large majority of people who attend college courses these days just browse Facebook the entire time, anyways.


Thanks guys. Kinda what i had in mind. I’m grateful :smiley:

Always happy to help.


Before use the Dreamweaver, you must be know, what dreamweaver applications that you will be used, just for learning or direct apply for web designing. If you want learn Dreamweaver, a lot of site provide basic learning, intermediate, and expert.