Tips Blog And Monetize

nice post but i have started making money from by blog… my blog is 3 months old and earning 2$ per day with 800 page views… all google search

I just want to convert this 2 to 200 within 1-2 years. :slight_smile:

Then write fresh contents to generate some traffic and then do seo because

how many post are you submitting a month?

Build more backlinks as much as you can

Update the content regularly and try to build more back links.
all the best

You need post fresh content regularly and some SEO work. This is not very hard to convert $2 to $200 within 1-2 years.

Target more keywords with high convertion rates and build up more your traffic.

By creating more backlinks will increase traffic to your blog…

Care to share your blog?:wink:

you can get google adsense, so you can get more income. But you need to place your ads on right place.