TinyMCE vs. Markdown

I’m having a huge struggle with myself to decide between those 2 options for storing content.

As I see it:

Markdowns advantages:

  • Doesn’t store HTML (a very good thing IMO)
  • Clean formatting
  • Quick to learn and type
  • Portable (huge plus)

Markdowns disadvantages:

  • No good WYSIWYG
  • No asset manager (really want image management at least)
  • Parsed on page load (slower)

TinyMCE advantages:

  • Full featured WYSIWYG
  • Great asset manager
  • Plugin already written for Symfony
  • Dont need to parse on page load

TinyMCE disadvantages:

  • Stores HTML (more verbose, ugly? less portable)
  • Large Javascript download
  • Many image requests

OK, I’m glad I wrote those down - thought of a few more while listing them…

But I still cant quite decide. At the moment I’m leaning towards TinyMCE – the extra downloads wont matter because it will only be admins using it. Maybe I could even use Markdown for user-generated content.

Any opinions? How do you store your data?

I’ve been configuring TinyMCE for my current project and I am loving it. I need the ability to store HTML - which it does pretty cleanly now (not as clean as Editize, but better than anything else I’ve seen). It’s fast loading, though I do admit there are a fair amount of files you need to upload. I don’t have any experience with Markdown.

I am using TinyMCE, but it lacks the image uploading feature. I tried ibrowser, but it’s not working with Firefox 3. I might miss something, but spent more than 2 hours without any luck.

Is there any other image uploading plugin for tinyMCE?

I think the most important factor to consider is how comfortable the would-be admins are with markup vs. WYSIWYG. Other factor is that a HTML input field can lead to all kinds of exploits, so if you use TinyMCE you have to make sure you remove any unrecognized tags before storing the result.

I don’t know how easy to customise TinyMCE is, but if you’re concerned about multiple image requests, perhaps it would be possible to combine them into a single image and then use CSS sprites.

That’s how TinyMCE already works. All the icons and other UI widgets are in a single file.

The button that shows a photograph of a tree is used for inserting images. It works fine with FireFox3.

Well… I have use plugins: “ibrowser”, then add to theme_advanced_buttons3: “ibrowser” (tried with theme_advanced_buttons3_add too), but nothing appears. Are you on Mac or Windows?

If you don’t have the MCImageManager plugin for uploading images with TinyMCE, with clicking on this button you can only insert images that are already on a server.

To be able to upload images from your local computer you could write a custom plugin. There is a guide how to do this here.

I also have source code but it is not well documented that is why I didn’t post it here. If someone is interested in it write me a personal message.

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