TinyMCE Filemanager


First, let me say that this is a php/javascript question, so hopefully this is the right place.

I’ve written a script in php to print out all files in a given directory. A user then has the option to upload a new file to the directory, for which I’m using TinyMCE Filemanager, a javascript/php product. After clicking on “Upload New File”, another window opens, and the Filemanager takes care of uploading new files to the server. The problem is that when the user closes the javascript opened window, the list of files on the original screen isn’t updated; the user would have to refresh the screen in order to see the new list, which is a bit clumsy in my opinion.

I’ve done some digging into the Filemanager application and have found where the php script which uploads the files. I’d like to add something which —and here’s where I think the javascript would come in— then prints out the new file back on my original window (the one in which I originally had “Upload New File”). In order to do this, I’d need to somehow be able to access the original window. Is this even possible in javascript?

Thanks so much,