Tiny little gray bar in IE... Can't figure out where its coming from

I even installed firebug lite for IE and still cant figure it out.


You will see it right under the flash animation and before the content


HJi, that little gray bar is appearing in every broser. That’s because that’s an image set on the #flashwrap element :).
Unless I’m missing something of course. THough IE6/7/FF displayed that identically.

Oops! It fixed itself on its own haha… It not the gray bar you were seeing now though Ryan, it was a big blank area with no gradient


Ah ok, mind sharing the solution for those who come across this thread and have a similar issue? :slight_smile:

All right, Ryan, SP Forums best practices! You are da man. :cookie:

Off Topic:

I sure do love those cookies. Taste just like virtual grandmothe cookies :).

That’s because my virtual grandmother baked them, using only the finest imported pixels from the Old Country. :wink:

Sorry Ryan but I actually don’t even know what fixed it. I was toying around with the css for other reasons (moved past it for the time being) and it ended up fixing on its own.

Sorry about that :slight_smile: