Timthumb not working

Hi I installed timthumb and am trying to use it to generate the thumbnails in the latest news section of this site http://tinyurl.com/yg3lyg8 however the images are not being displayed. any idea why? thanks

any help on this please?

To clarify, you are trying to make a thumbnail of an existing image, or a site thumbnail?

If its the latter, I think you have the wrong script.

thumbnail of existing image, which is working perfectly on my local server but not online :S

I would venture to guess that GD support is missing or the GD version is not compatible. Take a look at phpinfo on both your remote and local server to see what is different (versions as well).

i think gd is not the problem, as i uploaded the original script and its test file and they are working fine

my website is here, with timthumb not working http://tinyurl.com/ybdodnw


link shows test file with timthumb working on the same server as my website

Have you added the path to the full size image as a custom filed called Image (note thye capital “I”)?

The path should look something like:

Have you CHMODed the timthumb image cache directory?

im not using a plugin for this, if that’s what you are referring by the first sentence re the custom field.

yes i chmoded to 777

also the path is correct as you can verify if you open the image directly, so i guess that is not part of the problem.

OK - this seems to be your issue:

The images called in timthumb need to be absolute paths to images on your own server/domain. It simply doesn’t work for images hosted elsewhere.

The script works fine as shown by this (timthumb of your logo)

ok i changed to an image on my domain, it seems to be working fine now, will report back if i discover anything else that is not working well, thanks for your help