Timing of indexing

If I change a content of a webpage and I see the changes in the Google cashe, does it mean that my new score is already active and I already have the new page value influencing the rankings?
If thats not the case, when does my new score starts to be affective on the rankings?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Addition of informative and fresh contents to the websites could be definitely recommended but it alone is not enough to guarantee top ranks. Even after writing a lot of quality articles and publishing them on your web pages, you still need to build links for your website to increase its Google rankings.

I know that but I am asking a specifc technical question which is:
Does having a new cache in Google means that I already have the new score and the new rankings? Is there any connection between having a new cached page and my new score? (The score changed because I changed the content)


so seeing a new cashed page in google does not mean that the webpage has the new value in rankings? how long does it usually take?


Google claims they can weigh factors much faster with the new Caffeine infrastructure, but so far I have seen very little evidence of this.