Time out for editing in the sitepoint forum

Can it please be extended to like 24 hours? The time out now is simply too short and I don’t want to have to report my post to a moderator for her to correct my grammar mistakes. Thanks. :smile:


We discussed about it… I think we’re still discussing about it! So yep, you’re suggestion is being taken into consideration

Thank you for bringing it up to our attention :wink:

We let you know what we decide :smiley:



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I’m not sure what the exact setting is now, but even an extra 5 minutes would help.

At the moment, it’s 30 minutes (which is what it was when we used vBulletin), but there is currently a staff discussion about extending that a bit.

(It was five days, but we had a couple of members who were abusing it to go back and delete posts after they got an answer to their question, thus rendering topics useless to anybody else. So the edit window was shortened to prevent that.)

That’s interesting. I can’t say it’s ever felt like that long - I’m sure I’ve been prevented from editing a post long before that, though that could have been a one-off.

Is the timing going to be up’ed any? Like to about 12 hours? Pretty please? 30 minutes is just too short for me.:smiley:


It’s under discussion, and we’re awaiting a decision from the Powers That Be.

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