Time for website upgrade?

Hi all, I would like to ask if what are the the things or basis to be considered before deciding to upgrade a website?
Your replies are highly appreciated. Thank you!

First I would like to clarify what you mean with upgrade a website. Are you talking about a full redesign or simply add new features or about something else completely different?

In my opinion, and leaving aside the design and visual aspects of any website, any webmaster should take into account new developments and standards in terms of programming languages and their versions. Not only to ensure the correct operation of the site, but also an efficient functioning by upgrading any part of the code or even whole files to adapt it to the new environments (hosting, browsers, etc.).

Consider the fact that php, asp, sql or javascript (to put some well-known examples) are subject to continuing updating and improvement by developers, with the corresponding changes and modifications applied by hosting services.

If you do not manage a CMS – which usually include automatic update information and utilities – you should contact your hosting to request for information on the issue.

Even static HTML-CSS-based websites should be updated (and upgraded) periodically to include new features and technologies to meet their specifications and desired objectives.

if you have already a good content you don’t need to upgrade what is ideal always put a new article or blogs, so that it was updated. but you think you need to develop more it depends what you are needed.

Content has nothing to do with upgrading. I think you may be confusing upgrading with updating. Similar and often used interchangeably to some degreee,but they are not the same thing.

Upgrading is almost a non-stop job trying to keep the versions of everything involved current. Failure to do so will eventually result in things breaking and / or a security flaw that will result in the site getting hacked.

You don’t necessarily need to be bleeding edge, but the most recent stable version is a good idea.

What type of upgrade do you mean? Getting the site’s back up will be great help before upgrade

One recent upgrade that most web sites should be considering if they haven’t already implemented it is to make the pages responsive so that they can handle a wider range of widths

Well, for me, I’d look at my bounce rate. If it’s that bad, I’d consider an update. In my case, if I have the money to make my site better, I’d go for it. Sometimes, it just holds me back having not enough $ to hire someone to do some graphic design updates.

Obviously an eventual shortage of economic resources can be a hindrance to any project, but it has nothing to do with the issue itself.

Bounce rate is not the only variable that you should take into account when considering an update.

There are websites out there with a more than acceptable bounce rate derived from its contents, their niche market, the users’ trends and many other aspects, while they are also full of bugs and inconsistencies, including security problems, that affect not only the webmaster but also the users.

If there new things that can make your website perform better then by all means upgrade. I think you should consistently upgrade your website anyways. If it is a major deal then you might have to think about it with whatever limitation you have. For example finances.

Another (but not the only) reason to upgrade a site is when google comes out with new best practices they set for their manual reviewers to look for as they visit and rank websites and your site doesn’t meet those quality standards.

Yes, it is right time to upgrade your website because website should be responsive.

I can suggest to redesign the website to new design features.Below are the things you should consider while upgrading the website to new trends.

It should be responsive( Compatible in mobiles and tablets) as now a days mobile is the trend for everyone to attract more users.
It should be compatible in all browsers like chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet explorer old versions too( As still in some countries and some organizations using IE7 and IE8)
It should be accessible to every human beings even they have physical disabilities too, can implement this with secion 508/ WAI 2.0
Should have good font used in website to attract the users
Should have print version of your website with print CSS
Should have favicon icon
And main important is it should load fast as per google page speed optimization, fast websites should easily read by google bots which is good for Search Engine Optimization.
For reference check here http://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Here is a short list of considerations.

  1. Review the current hosting service and their offerings. If you going to migrate to WordPress then find a hosting service that caters to WP.
  2. Go responsive design.
  3. Consider reviewing all of your current SEO elements and consider new ones.

Of course. I’m not saying you’d look at the bounce rate alone. That’s definitely one of the many reasons I’d push for a necessary update. Good to know your view, though.

There could be many factors behind your decision for a website up-gradation. Some could be, if you have introduced new services or launched new products, making your website techno friendly, responsive so that it becomes accessible to all your potential customers, keeping up to date with current trend also somewhere instills a trust in the visitor regarding your skill set and knowledge and exposure. Definitely bounce rate is an important associated factor.