Tiff to PNG24 conversion


I have two TIFF images that I want to convert to PNG’s so that I can take advantage of transparency. These are vector based, comprising a few simple colours - probably no more than half a dozen or so.

Problem is when I convert in Photoshop I get some nasty dithering around the outline of the images. This really only effects the outer border of the image.

Is there a way to easily reduce the dithering? I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that I’ll have to redraw the outer part of the images in either photoshop or illustrator - the latter I’ve no experience with so it’s all a bit daunting!

Any pointers in the right direction gratefully welcomed!


O stop dithering! (Sorry, couldn’t resist… :smiley: )

Hmm, I’m no expert on this, but usually I get good results with vector images. What happens if you convert to .gif (which also allows transparency)? With .gif you can use the Matte setting to help the color merge with the background it will sit over, but that may not be the problem. Could you possibly post the file so we could try it?

It sounds like there may be an effect on the vector that is generating the dither, or possibly the file doesn’t contain vector originals. Vector should as Ralph said, give pretty clean images.