Thumgnail Hover -JQuery

I’ve seen this done on websites but I cant find examples of it at the moment. But what I’m trying to do is when a thumbnail is hovered over… i would want another image to fade in on top of that image that way I can put a magnify icon or whatever. Here is an example thats almost what I want, but on this website they have a caption instead… I’m just trying to have an image fade in over the thumbnail instead of the title/caption

On the page you linked to, the caption sits under the image, which is faded on hover. So you could have anything sitting under that top image instead of the caption, such as another image.

I saw that when I looked at the code… and downloaded the site with SiteSucker to take a closer look at how it was done but I couldnt figure it out since all the jquery is all in 1 big custom file :nono: