Thumbnails in Wordpress Reader

One subject I find more and more frustrating as I go on is post thumbnails.
I spent a great deal of trouble to get my post thumbnails to look halfway decent when shared on Facebook and now I just realized that they look all goofed-up on Wordpress Reader.
Reader appears to use a center crop from the featured image. Is there some kind of way to specify an image for Wordpress Reader or just fix it altogether?

You might be interested in

It lets you set a focal point for an image, and rebuilds all the various thumbnail sizes to center on that focal point. It also has some advanced JavaScript functionality to let you do responsive cropping with css.

Thanks. I’ll take a look at that, but cropping the image isn’t the problem. I have another plugin that does a pretty good job of cropping. The problem is getting these other platforms, like Facebook to use the right cropped image when the post is shared.

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