Thumbnails display buy large pics won't. Help

I’ve uploaded a bunch of pictures of our cows on my site with thumbnails for them as well and the original larger pictures don’t show up.

When I go in through the cpanel the larger pictures are labeled as text/generic and the thumbnails are labeled image/generic (this is the only difference I see). I tried doing some small changes to the larger pictures and them save them over the original file and upload them again but it doesn’t change anything.

Anyone know how to fix this?


Yes they are .jpg files and there is no file restriction. I changed the settings on my FTP client to send the image files as binary, but the still don’t show on my site.
The other thing I noticed is that the larger files have all capital .JPG as the extension and the smaller ones are .jpg (I don’t think that should matter). Even after I cropped the larger image and resized it a bit before saving it, the larger image has the all capital .JPG file extension.

It sounds like you aren’t uploading them in BINARY mode I assume they are *.jpg files in the first place and there isn’t a file-size restriction? Make sure your FTP Client sends the images as binary.

I am using Photoscape to edit my pictures and I go through the same process to save them. I Enter the name and select the type of file and for whatever reason it saves the larger images with all capital .JPG and the smaller images in lowercase .jpg.

The pictures do show up when I change the html of the larger images to capital .JPG, but there’s gotta be away to get the imaged saved in lowercase .jpg to keep uniformity in my html.

If the image has the extension in capitals, but it is in lower case in your HTML it is not going to work. In contrast to windows, *nix systems are case sensitive when it comes to filenames. image.jpg is not the same as image.JPG

Just make sure you use the same case everywhere :slight_smile: