"Throbbing" fonts...?

I know this is a shot in the dark, but has anyone noticed with IE 8 that text will “throb” - that is switch between different fonts?

I don’t have a site that displays it anymore (I must have inadvertently fixed it), but upon page load the text would briefly display the correct font then immediately switch to a fallback font. Only when I moved the mouse or clicked on the page would the font go back to normal.

…am I going bat-sh*t insane or is this something someone else has noticed?

The font being used was Verdana and it would switch the Arial - no @font-face was being used.

Sorry for the lack of info to help :frowning:

I realized it only happened on pages with Vimeo embed code so after a quick search found these forum posts:

Embedding video changes fonts in IE. in the Help Forum on Vimeo

CSS issue when using iframe embed in the API Forum on Vimeo

Basically it’s the Vimeo iframe code itself and the developers say to just force IE into IE7 mode…ugh.