Three Elements of a Successful Product Launch Strategy

An excerpt from, by Joshua Kraus

It turns out the Boy Scouts had it right all along. Sufficient preparation is what separates successful product launches from the ones that crash into your neighbor’s backyard.

If you want your product to leave orbit, you need a plan.

According to Bplans, companies that plan grow 30 percent quicker than those that don’t, while 71 percent of fast-growing companies have a plan in place.

But plans take time to make, and with so many new products launching every day, many entrepreneurs feel if they don’t act immediately, they’ll be left in the dust. Just visit the product curation platform Product Hunt to get an idea of how crowded the marketplace is. Since its inception in November 2013, the site has compiled an evergreen database of 15,000 products. That’s nearly 30 product launches per day on just one website.

Considering those numbers, it’s easy to see how someone might feel pressured to rush their product to market. But pressure is something that scuba divers think about, and you’re not a scuba diver.

Take the time to launch your product the right way. Start planning its release by addressing these three elements.

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