Threads created by ignored users are visible

Is this a bug?

I have a single user ignored because I just can’t stand to deal with them nor be lured in to read anything they post. Anyway, one would think that when a user is ignored that any thread which they have created would not be visible. However, the threads show up but any posts in those threads by the user are hidden. This doesn’t make much sense to me. If I ignore someone it should be like they don’t exist. Particularly, hiding all threads which have been started by that user. Also, those threads regardless of other users replies to the thread should not turn up in the most recent replies for a topic/category – no? I can get over it but one would think if there is an option to “ignore” a user that is how it should function. Seems like the ignore function is just about worthless if it is not intended to function in the previously mentioned manor…

Sounds like a bug to me.
I will flag it up for HQ devs to have a look at (probably in the new year!)