Thread with 5 stars


I sometimes see threads in these forums marked with 5 stars, in the thread list. Can someone tell me what these stars represent and how they get there in the first place? I can’t find any info on sitepoint regarding them.


They are thread Rating Stars I’d suspect and as far as I am aware only the green Advisors and upwards can create then to draw visual attention to a thread, for example the current Member of the Month.

Thank you xhtmlcoder - I suspected as much. It’s not obvious though.

I’m pretty sure anyone can do it… I certainly don’t have it set so that only staff can use it.

Some forums here do have “Rate this thread” option turned on and others don’t, which might explain the slight confusion. :slight_smile:

^^ seems like i cant rate this exact thread =)

It’s set up on some sub-forums only (and this isn’t one of them). :slight_smile: