Thread icons missing?

Hi there,

since some days I don’t see thread icons when I visit the forum.
Don’t know when it started exactly.
Forum eCommerce - Thread 735518 has a “Thumbs up” icon which links to
The <img-tag itself is a relative one (starting with images/…), so it seems the base href is wrong - or missing, as far as I can tell from the source.

Not a big problem, but still an ugly UI error.
Is it just me?

BTW, WinXP, FireFox 3.6.14, if that’s relevant.

We’re aware of the issue. It’s caused by the new fancy URLs we’re using now instead of the numeric URL’s (so we now have /forums/forum-support-87/thread-icons-missing-738955.html instead of /forums/showthread.php?t=738955)

The images are broken because the paths are incorrect.
It’s midnight in Australia right now so it might take a few hours before it gets fixed.

Ah, OK, didn’t realize the URL layout changed.
If you’re already aware that’s fine.