Thoughts on capturing an emotion with a CTA graphic?

I am having a little trouble coming up with an idea for a CTA for a site, I am creating an social site for an outdoors/adventurous type and trying to capture an emotion of adventure and awesomeness but relevant to the local people in the area. The site will be mostly sharing photo and video with everyone and some blogging and normal social site stuff. But I want it to have a down home kind of feel, being that my target group will be from the area the website is about. I have tried almost ten different things and just need a fresh idea.

Anyone got any thoughts for me. Second should social site have a call to action and what would be some good ways to make it a site that clearly defines a place to interact and share stuff?

Sorry if this sounds a little stupid to ask but I am serious and looking for some feedback from some pros, this is one of the first websites I am designing and developing and I am still working towards my bachelors of computer science.

I had taking classes on design and usability but I am just flat out of ideas, everything I try looks great but to commercial, I guess I hope I will think of something while I blab away on some forums.

Hi SiteLessFlunky. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

This is where I usually turn to a graphic designer, as they have an eye for this sort of thing. You could also run some designs past the people you are trying to target and get their feedback—both on the design and what would be a good call to action.

Short of that, perhaps you should request a design review here and post what you have done so far for feedback.