Thoughts on Artisteer?


Im a web developer mainly (I do some design but much prefer the html/css/jq/php/cms side of things), and im wondering what the general opinion on Artisteer for Joomla templates is? I have knowledge of slicing PSD to html/css, but at the minute am not too well up on psd-joomla. Does Artisteer create clean code or is it viewed in the same way as Dreamweaver design view (WYSIWYG - no/no)?

This program looks like it could make things very simple for creating effective CMS front-end’s but am just looking for some opinions before i consider purchasing it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I use it for clients who are looking for “cheaper” solutions. Artisteer makes it possible to create fast (and without coding) themes.
The generated code is relative good, allthough sites with an Artisteer theme are a littlle bit slower (you can check this with Google’s Page Speed Online).
In my opinion it’s great for creating cheaper themes.

I downloaded the demo for mac, it is incredibly, almost unbearably slow - is the full version this slow on osx?

It is a good software but for noobs. it leave hell lot of unwanted/unused code in the template. making it un necessary messy and even complicates the SEO stuff. Hope it helps

Yes, it’s very slow on mac…