Thoughts: 15 day free subscription w/ credit card?

What is everyone’s opinion on this as an effective sales model?

  1. What we have
    I have a website that is currently giving free access to a database, with some free examples, and the rest of the data masked. We have tried this for 3 years and we have a low conversion rate from trial to paid member (we do have a 80% renewal rate for those who do buy).

  2. What we are considering
    To try a new turn at our trial experience, we are considering letting people give their credit card for a 15 day free trial of the product and they get full access to all the content. After 15 days we charge them monthly. Also keep in mind these are people who are spending money from their companies/departments budget on something that they will find useful to do research.

  3. Any other ideas for a sales model?

I don’t think you should be relying on strangers’ advice for a sales model for a business we know nothing about! If anyone, you should be asking your current and potential customers. Drop a survey into the site or pre-sales pages, send some e-mails or even make some phone calls. Whether the trial idea has merit depends on what exactly these databases are, and just who your marketing is reaching.

If you think you can try the 15 day trials without much risk, you can run a split test and get some real numbers rather than guess. Set up two conversion funnels, one where you advertise the current model and one where you advertise the full access trial. See which converts better and whether those customers stay on after the first month or two. It’ll take time to really compare the two before you can decide whether to switch or not.

Well said Dan – here you need to consider the long term value of a susbcription as well as a conversion to sale/ trial. You also need to think about your content and it’s value. Some sites have value for years, others are really just useful to download a few major reports or assets and then people move on. If you’re more the second then you don’t want to give out the keys and have 0% convert.

It sounds like you need to do a little deeper dive into what the interest is and from who so you can target them.

well we add tons of new content every month that people need to do their jobs.

this trial idea is one method and I posted this thread to see if there were any other techniques like this, NOT should I do it. so i wanted to ask if there were any other creative techniques that you have seen out there :slight_smile: